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Vanilla Smoke by Mandy Aftel

December 2015

Mandy Aftel’s Newest Artisinal Perfume
Vanilla Smoke

Top Notes: Yellow Mandarin, Siam Wood, Saffron Absolute, Vanillin
Base Notes: Vanilla Absolute, Lapsang Souchong Tea, Ambergris, Coumarin

For girlie girl bakers, nothing is as riveting as a new vanilla perfume, especially if it is crafted with natural ingredients from a leading artisanal perfumer. Mandy Aftel has just launched this exquisite, sophisticated vanilla based perfume called Vanilla Smoke,  that is sultry with vanilla absolute from Madagascar, and also brings woody, incense-like notes along with the floral boost of mandarin and warm anchor of ambergris and more vanilla.

This perfume gently transforms as it stays on your skin, imparting a sensuous, light but lingering echo of mystery.

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