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Recommended Reading on Perfume, Scents, Aromatherapy, Home Fragrance

Essence of Alchemy
, A Book of Perfume Mandy Aftel, An American perfumer (who just recently launched correspondence perfume course) shares all in this well written book that introduces the novice fan of scent in the art of perfume. A terrific source guide, generous with information and all you need to get started in home perfume making.

The Emperor of Scent, Chandler Burr, Random House 2003 A biography of Luca Turin, iconoclast, laboratory bad-boy, genius of fragrance is aptly constructed into the proverbial good read but more, it will make you think of scent and perfume in ways you never imagined. In the end, you will discover a character that is more fascinating than any fiction and a world, and a science so complex you never would have guessed. If you like science, biography, or fragrance, it is must reading.

Essence and Alchemy, Mandy Aftel, Perfumer Aftel writes as well as she makes perfumes. This natural history of perfume a lovely read and will have you diving into your perfume collection or buying new ones. It is a true romance of scent, written by a master.

 The Chemistry of Fragrances, Pybus and Sell, 1999 RSC Paperbacks. An essential for perfumers

 The Healer’s Manual , Ted Andrews, A Beginner’s Guide to Energy Therapies 2005, 12th printing.

 Magical Aromatherapy, The Power of Scent, Scott Cunningham,Llewellyn Publications, Still the classic book on scent, aroma and magic – well written, to the point, over 200,000 copies sold – it is the basic in any perfume/aroma fan’s library. It is informative, concise, yet broad. (I keep two copies –one on me and one at

Fabulous Fragrances II

Jan Moran
Crescent House Publishing
One of our favorite books on fragrance that succinctly and thoroughly details and describes your favorites scents. A knowledgeable, well-written book that is a must for any perfumer, just starting or beyond. It is particularly well -organized and a fine research tool when sleuthing out a new perfume or reading up on old favorites. A must!


Fragrant Heavens
The Fragrant Mind
Aromatherapy for the Soul
Valerie Anne Worwood
All from
New World Library

Considered one of the best writers/aromatherapy experts and author, Worwood is a must for anyone who is interested in scent or working with essential oils. Her books are classics and this trio of offerings pursues and explains scent from a few different perspectives. Recipes, applications, lore, history and more - all held together by the superlative writing style of Worwood. Treasures - each and any Worwood book. The newest one, in particular, Aromatherapy for the Soul is one of the best in this venue - It covers essential oils, personality types and fragrance, remedies and more. It is for the experienced aromatherapist or hobbyist as well as newcomers to this art and science. It is incredibly well written - making readable, in a relaxing way, material that is at once complex and broad. A

Healing Teas (Slyvia Schneider, Sarasota Press)
Medicinal and soothing teas from around the world.