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January 2005 Issue - It’s A Whole New Era of Baking. Rejoice

Cream Puff Cake !!!Free Recipe!!!
Cream Puffs are the official hot trend of 2005 (Unofficially it is cupcakes) this is a glamorous spin on the French classic.

David’s Cookies By Marcy
(Almost) Mrs. Field, Famous Amos and then came David…..and how I started my career in baking….

Café Latte Carmamello Biscotti
It’s good as a coffee flavor; it’s great as a crunchy cookie

Terre Etoile Health Food Café Whole Wheat Sandwich Bread
A little tarot, a little iridology and a bit of whole-wheat common sense.

Cinnabons Drop Scones
A spin on popular yeasted cinnamon buns

Sunday Supper White Bread
Yes, there was a time we all sat and ate at the table. At the same time. A perfectly lovely bread.

New York Style
I love New York indeed. Say it with a not-so-complex carb. Add flax seed to taste. A post holiday weekend thing to do.

Classic Carrot Cake With Cream Cheese Glaze
Classic 80’s Carrot Cake California style health food cafes made this a classic. Good tastes endure.

Old Fashioned, Fragrant, Homey, Banana Bread
70’s Banana Walnut Bread Was this your first recipe too? Still amazing after all these years

Double Chocolate Sour Cream Mall Muffins
Mall Sized Double Chocolate Sour Cream Muffins, remember when a muffin fed a family of six for a week? These days, better to share one but oh, size matters in muffins.

Grand Funk Granola Bars
Grainy, fruity, chewy, good stuff

Senate Bean Soup Circa 2005

Vermont Apple Cider Doughnuts

Chocolate Chip Sour Cream Marble Bundt Cake

Chai Tea Bundt Cake

Definitive Buttermilk ‘N Panko Onion Rings

Traditional English Muffins
Holes, touch of sourness, crustiness, and that fine smattering of cornmeal.These are heaven sent, weekend food for bakers. Makes the commercial ones taste gummy. These freeze really well too.



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