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Marcy Goldman proudly announces the launch of her own imprint,
Under you can enjoy When Bakers Cook, A Passion for Baking and the upcoming Love and Ordinary Things.

With every purchase of a Marcy Goldman cookbook, let me know, send the receipt and enjoy my gift to you: 4 FREE MONTHS OF BETTERBAKING.COM Recipe Archive Subscription Access.

A Passion for Baking is now available in a new soft cover edition as well as Kindle.

Washington Post names
When Bakers Cook in their Best Cookbooks of 2013.

Link to Print/Soft Cover Book on Amazon

Link to Kindle Version

 Kindle Book Match!
Buy Soft Cover Book and Kindle for one Great Price!

Please note for American Amazon members, you can purchase both the soft cover and Kindle version for a bargain price via the Kindle BookMatch program. Check the Kindle listing of When Bakers Cook for details.
The book is black and white - (no photos) and a return to recipe-rich, one-voice cookbook that is Breakfast through Dessert, along with a bonus baking chapter. The Soup Chapter and Chicken Chapter are worth their weight in gold!

 Marcy Goldman Cookbooks, part of

When Bakers Cook, published December 2013 with Amazon/CreateSpace and Kindle.

Over 175 Recipe from Breakfast to Dessert (including a bonus baking chapter of all new recipes)
For more information, see below. The book is in print and digital and available via Amazon, Kindle, Indigo, Barnes and Noble. With each and every Marcy Goldman cookbook you purchase, (even from a garage sale!), send me the invoice and I am delighted to offer you a bonus of 4 months FREE of complete recipe access.

The Baker's Four Seasons, Marcy Goldman, expected pub. date 2014

The Baker's Four Seasons, publishing date to be announced. 
My newest book is your baking companion from Fall through Summer, from apples to berries, with amazing techniques and tips but simply stunning recipes that showcase the season. Look outside or stroll the farmer markets or see the Halloween ads or butter-on-sale - I've got you covered in this book that is about life in and out of the kitchen. Stay tuned.


The new edition of my first cookbook created with my best (own, original) recipes from my website. These are not recipes I gathered off the Internet, they are all special creations from my many years of baking, food writing for Bon Appetit, New York Times, Cook's, Food and Wine, Washington Post etc. all as well as inspirations from my BB Test Kitchen. The book includes 40 new, original recipes of my 2003 Original Cookbook. Lawsuit Muffins, Notting Hill Brownies, Tango Cookies, Beaver Tails and more cookies, biscotti, bread, and pizza than you could bake in a lifetime. My best original recipes from my first 12 years online! Whitecap Books, 2009.

The Tenth Anniversary Edition of Treasury of Jewish Holiday Baking, Whitecap Books, 2009.
My first cookbook, in a new anniversary edition, complete with a 35 new recipes (a bonus cooking chapter of my own recipes for the cooking, versus baking, of the holidays) and a ton of photos.. It was a Julia Child First Book Nominee and has gone on to 3 different editions, including this most glorious one. With stunning photos, it is a heritage book that features all the favorites in cheesecake, breads, bagels, bubka, rugulah, hamantashen with all the flavor you could ask for - It is for beginner or pro bakers and all you need to keep the holidays warm and tasty. 

Now available in Kindle and Nook and on Amazon, in Print
A Passion for Baking, Marcy Goldman,, 2nd, Soft cover edition

Over 160 Photos, Over 200 Recipes including Mall Muffins, Caesar Salad Bread, Hot Buttered Popcorn Bread, Strawberries and Cream Shortbread, countless biscotti, and even a grainy, healthy chapter and a helpful Holiday Chapter.
A treasure of a book - it's as if a family owned bakery AND a Starbucks cafe moved into your kitchen. Like all my books, it is chock full of baker's tips and techniques. authors' smart, easy, way to make artisnal bread in ...five minutes a day. The concept, reminiscent of the French bakers' pate fermentee method, wherein they reserve some dough from each's daily break bake, is about making one batch of dough (no kneading, no real rise - just mix, let it stand or chill) and a chunk of that master dough, for days afterwards (providing you refrigerate the master dough), yields wonderful bread with a crackly crust. It takes little time (that's the point), little expertise or equipment and you can indeed have rustic bread, from your home oven, as often as you like. There are variations on the basic recipe but I got stuck, happily enough, with the basic recipe and my second option was making a double batch. But don't let that stop you from trying the othe offerings. Great for a beginner baker or old salt wanted new tricks.


Coming soon! Poetry and prose for the baker's heart.





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